Computers 'to match human brains by 2030'

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  1. So you havent seen "appleseed" then .
  2. andread



    You said at a speech last week in San Francisco that you were working on a project with former Microsoft CFO Michael W. Brown that'll result in a hedge fund. Can you tell me about that?
    Kurzweil: It's been a major project for about six years. It's applying my field, detecting subtle patterns, and using technology forecasting. Six years ago the project wasn't fully feasible because we didn't have rapid access to all ticker data for stocks. You really couldn't place trades very effectively online. The technology wasn't there--it can't take two weeks for the computer to make a decision that needs to be made in five seconds.

    (My system) doesn't make perfect predictions. But what we can do is predict them substantially better than chance. That puts us in the position of being the house in a casino. It places lots of bets, some win and some lose, but it consistently makes money. We haven't had a down month yet. It makes 80 to 100 percent returns a year.
  3. This concept is humorous. I took about 5 courses in Artificial Intelligence. Even at this point, they have not reached the level of a cricket with Robotics.

    It is one thing to develop a one-purpose system like a chess player.

    It is a completely different thing to make a general-purpose robot that can operate without intervention, to do the vast number of different things that a primate can do. The planning, understanding, cooperation, recognition and many other things in the world are well-beyond horribly complicated.

    Look at the military's efforts to create a completely autonomous vehicle...
  4. we are ONE significant breakthrough away in AI from surpassing 100 IQ points,, ie the avg human mind :eek:

    however, will take a good while longer to get where i am at thank god

    "The brain, which is merely a squishy agglomeration of madly firing neurons, shouldn't by rights be able to think--it shouldn't be able to wake up, twist around, become aware of itself, and in doing so become an "I," but it does. Just like Gödel's mathematics, the mind is a strange, self-referential loop--it's a mirage, Hofstadter writes, but "a very peculiar kind of mirage ... a mirage that perceived itself, and of course it didn't believe that it was perceiving a mirage, but no matter--it still was a mirage.",9171,1599720,00.html

  5. penile enlargement will also be common by 2030.
  6. i can't wait

    do you have any pointers now?
  7. i work out at gym -my muscles get bigger

    i run on treadmill -my heart muscle thickens

    i use my brain -my neurons grow

    how come this --------------> with lots of use -never gets any bigger or thicker or grows ?

    actually it's getting smaller :confused:
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