Computers are demonically possessed

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  1. bookish


    I have a masters degree. I've worked for telco companies. I'm not going to bother explaining it and I don't want any lip. Anything you do on a computer is being done with your worst enemy looking over your shoulder.
  2. Turveyd


    They can only see what porn i watch and bike bits i lust after, so no biggy.

    7bil people on the planet, cant spy on many of us at once, dont worry.

    Unless you live in china then your proper monitored ofcourse.
  3. maxinger


    For those who feel computers are demonically possessed should throw it away.

    For those who feel computers are useful tools should embrace it.
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  4. d08


    @Turveyd, yes, yes they can. And they are. Initial stages are heavily computerized of course, it's not the 1930s.
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  6. lol. Masters? Oh boy, glad you have the credentials to make a statement like that.

    You sound a little cooky. As long as youre not anywhere near anyone I think we're ok.
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  8. Turveyd


    Only an issue, if you've got something to hide and if your hiding it, keep it off a computer, not rocket science!!

    Don't become a Muslim then start searching for how to make bombs.
  9. d08


    That is the usual short-sighted thinking. Things progress and data will be used for everything, if there are no terror attacks, the focus goes elsewhere.
    Also, everyone has something to hide, from IP to personal secrets.
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  10. must be some kinda smart scale cause i have no recognized education completion of any kind past jr. high.

    but in the 70's i was intrigued to get a computer and use it right away to make money and went on to have one of the few privately owned cray's in the 90's after using them remotely during the 80's for large analysis projects.

    needless to say i like computers much.
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