Computer whizzes...HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by VictorS, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. VictorS


    I am having a log- in problem. I use two computers. However, now when I attempt to log in from my father's computer I have no problems. When I attempt to log in from my home the computer returns to the "LOG IN" screen.

    As a result, I attempted to create another Elitetrader screenname. I received an email confirming my membership (under the new screenname),etc. It didn't help. According to one of the administrators I have a browser recognition problem. (How did that occur?) I followed their instructions with no success.

    Anyone have any solutions/suggestions? I can't log in to post. I can't join the chatroom during the day.


    I thank you in advance. I probably won't respond because my computer won't allow me.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    If you are able to log in from your father's machine, but not your own, your browser's security settings are probably too high, because it's not accepting the "cookies" our server is sending. Cookies are essential for allowing us to know whether you are logged in or not. If you use Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and then make sure the setting is on medium or lower.
  3. What he said. Check and make sure that cookies are enabled. Control panel/internet options/security/advanced/
  4. opm8


    You can also delete any temporary internet files (if you're on IE it's Tools --> Internet Options --> Delete Files --> check the "Delete all offline content" box and click OK. It doesn't make much sense why this would be an issue but I've seen it be a factor in connectivity. MS products occasionally enjoy strange behavior. :p