Computer turns itself off

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by m22au, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. nitro


    Have you thought of getting an Exorcist?

    nitro :cool:
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  2. m22au


    Thanks momotrader,

    That could be the answer. Because when the Scandisk type program ran after the reboot, it was finding problems with INI files that I was using, and correcting those problems. Having to restart programs won't be as painful as having a complete reboot each time this happens, if this is the explanation.

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  3. m22au


    I haven't tinkered with the CPU, so I should be fine there.

    It could be an overheated CPU - it's been quite hot here recently and my room faces west :( but on the other hand, my old computer ran fine on days when it was over 100 outside. Who knows.

    Voltage / power supply .... could be. How much is enough for P 1.7 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 32 MB Video card, 1*17" monitor, 1*15 monitor?

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  4. m22au


    I might try an Exorcist if this problem persists in the weeks and months to come. I'll add that idea to the list.
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  5. My new XP computer started shutting off and restarting after I added another 512MB of DDR. It would then show a message sometimes like "Windows has recovered from a severe error...". It would only do this once within about 2 minutes of cold-start, and then would work fine all day.

    Funny thing is that the memory check showed that all of the RAM was being seen by the system and was available. I took out 256MB and it doesn't reboot anymore. Need to check into this further when I get time.
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  6. you have a bad stick of memory. "bad" as in defective...

    happened to me once.

    the memory check won't tell you sh!t about that.
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  7. you need 300 watts.

    sounds like you have a bad memory stick.

    did you add new memory recently??
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  8. maybe an unstable system isn't the best thing for a daytrader...

    besides, don't you have a supercomputer now??
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  9. It has been running XP for 2 days straight with no problems. I was using FLASK MPEG encoder constantly to test the CPU at full throttle.

    I can get some pretty decent FPS out of Quake -- But I need to upgrade the video card.

    It isn't encased in liquid nitrogen, though. I had to move up to liquid helium.
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    Last time my computer refused to cooperate I assumed it was disgusted with the way I traded that day.
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