Computer turns itself off

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by m22au, Dec 17, 2002.

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    When I said that it "turns itself off" I wasn't entirely accurate. What happens is that it resets itself ... ie. it does a normal boot as if I had pressed the reset button. Then the Windows XP equivalent of Scandisk runs.

    I don't have a UPS, and I don't think anything connected to the ports is sending evil signals. Unless my printer is up to no good ...
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  2. well, if it's resetting itself, coming on by might not be a short....but it might be......if it's only a few weeks old I would just bring it back should still be covered....
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    I suppose that you mean XP just goes to a black screen( not xp software shutdown) . Does it do this if just sitting unused or when cpu/HD activity happens? I would suggest trying a different hard drive, make sure the cpu fan is running. Could be power supply.

    I have had this happen with a bad HD but then scandisk should be figuring that out. Good luck
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  4. Power brownout or maybe a bad power supply ...
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    overheating; fan not working?

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  6. I'll bet this probably fixes your problem. I had the same strange problem when I first got a computer running XP. I was totally boggled.

    right click "my computer," left click properties
    click on your advanced tab
    click on settings under "startup and recovery"
    under system failure, unclick "automatically restart"
    XP comes default to reboot everytime a program crashes.
    bad. I'd suggest everyone running XP go check this feature.

    now, instead of your PC rebooting everytime a program upsets it, you'll have something else annoying happen :)
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  7. This is usually caused by a signal to the CPU to reset, thus sending a message to BIOS to reboot the system.

    Symptoms would include:

    Overclocked CPU beyond ability to run at overclocked speeds.
    Overheated CPU
    Voltage too low or too high to CPU
    Inadaquete power supply (too little wattage for motherboard / CPU)

    When does this happen? If it happens when you run programs, it could be software related. XP is designed not to reboot the computer automatically -- this is almost always a hardware issue. However, a very strange combination of software and hardware and cause this to happen.

    If this continues, try reinstalling XP and see if this corrects the problem, but only after you have eliminated all other possibilities.

    (This happened to me when I tried to overclock my system to 3.3 gHz, and I had to settle with approximately 3.2 gHz)
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  8. Is your computer immersed in liquid nitrogen?
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  10. (This happened to me when I tried to overclock my system to 3.3 gHz, and I had to settle with approximately 3.2 gHz)

    how many fps can you squeak out of quake at this speed?:D
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