Computer turns itself off

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by m22au, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. m22au


    Does anyone have suggestions as to what is causing my computer to turn itself off?

    I'm not anywhere near any of the cables. And I'm not anywhere near the power button either :)
  2. does it start up right away afterwards?
    you might have a short in one of the circuit boards.
  3. whats power management look like?
  4. I moved to Florida from the civilized world. Over here they have power outages every couple of weeks. Throughout the first 23 years of my life I had experienced maybe 5 power outages total. Since I moved to FL last year, probably around 15.
  5. Sanjuro


    Maybe your computer is telling you that you
    should enjoy the rest of the day outside! :)
  6. m22au


    Well I could do that, but it's 11:40am and I 've been up since 5pm, so I should be getting to bed soon
  7. m22au


    I hope that it isn't, and I'm fairly sure that it isn't someone else controlling it remotely. I have both Zone Alarm and Norton Internet Security running.

    What is "power management" ? Is it a program in Windows?
  8. m22au


    Yes it does start up right away afterwards. How do I check for a short in the circuit boards?
  9. dottom


    Do you have suspend enabled? e.g. when you power back up from a power-off, does it just do a normal bootup or does it come back to where you were (same applications & windows open, etc.)?

    Do you have anything connected to USB/parallel/serial port that would be sending a shutdown signal? (e.g. UPS)
  10. m22au


    Thanks for the suggestion Lobster, but I don't think it is a power outage. The computer is only a few weeks old, and this didn't happen with my old one.
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