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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by arthus, May 2, 2003.

  1. arthus


    Hello I'm just getting started, I'd like to know if this system would be ok to start watching the markets. I would upgrade the memory to 512 mb and get 56k modem.

    I found this pretty good offer at E-bay for 170 dollars. I don't know anything about computer so please feel free to make any comments on this idea.

    Dell Dimension XPS T600

    Features at a glance
    Processor: Intel PIII 600 MHz
    Memory: 128 MB of RAM (768 MB Max)
    Hard Drive: 10 Gigabyte
    Drives: CD-Rom drive
    Floppy Drive
    Video: 2X AGP video card
    Sound: Sound Blaster Compatible
    PCI/ISA 4 PCI, 1 ISA (shares a card-slot opening with a PCI connector)
    Ports: Serial - 9-pin connector
    Parallel - 25-hole connector
    PS/2 - two 6-pin style, keyboard & mouse
    MIDI/game - 15-pin connector
    Video - 15-hole connector on an AGP video card
    Audio - three for line-in, line-out, & mic
    USB - two USB-compliant connectors
    OS: None
    Chassis: Mini Tower
    Software: No Software or Manuals are included
    Accessories: Keyboard, Mouse, Power cord
    Condition: Refurbished, Fully Tested & In Perfect Condition
    Warranty: 30 Days

    Thanks for your help
  2. nkhoi


    boost the ram to the max, get a copy of win2K or xp pro and you should be good to go.
  3. Whamo


    I owned an XPS T600 for severals years and didn't have any problems with it, it was a very good PC.
  4. Trajan


    Second Monitor
  5. prox


    Should be fine..

    if you're daytrading with real time data, then cable or DSL should be a requirement.

    17" monitor minimum also
  6. I still use the Dell P3 - XPS750 and it works great!

    Just make sure that you bump-up the RAM to 512mb, and upgrade to Windows XP Pro, and pop-in a graphics card like the MX-440 GeForce to run 2 monitors at the same time.

    I run all of the above and get great executions on Andover's Hammer Platform.

    But most of all, make sure that you have a high-speed broadband connection, otherwise all of the above upgrades won't make a damn bit of difference.
  7. eragasa


    multiproc machines are overkill unless the application is specifically written to take advantage of the additional processor.

    If you're a UNIX user, chances are your trading software is written to take advantage of multiple processors.

    If you're a Windows user, chances are your trading software is not written to take advantage of the multiple processors.

    In general, it is better to have two single processor computers than one double proc computer. (this has to do with interconnect speeds on the bus, etc). The only exeception is if the software is specifically written to take advantage of multiple processors. You may also see a benefit if you run multiple programs on the same machine (but two single proc machines will usually do MUCH better)
  8. gnome


    Suggest you at least TRY connecting and trading with dial-up and be sure it would cost you before going to the expense of broadband. (I've traded with dialup for years... no problem.)