computer time synch lost - the Twitter hack ?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Wallace, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. noticed about at 11:55 am pst my computer time was off
    I've used Dimension 4 for years but trying to synch at Any other server than the one
    I was using got the same msg, 'can't connect to server'

    downloaded another syncher but that couldn't connect to its server then about 20
    minutes ago I re-installed D4 and the synch worked ok

    what exactly was the Twitter hack ?
    just how much of the net etc infrastructure did it hit since All the time synch servers
    were out World Wide
    why would the time synch servers go down ?
    think it was a single hack ?
    didn't have any chart/order entry programs open at the time but others on the forums
    have reported various problems

    'AP Twitter Hack Preceded By A Phishing Attempt, News Org Says'
  2. Which server are you using with Dimension 4?

    I'm using;
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  4. yeah, but did you lose your computer time synch and if so why ?
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    nope, no problem here.But! I 'm trying to run ''update internet time' now and it's ain't working. you probably got some combo-when your soft wasn't able to synchronize-it did messed up your pc time. just a guess is working
  6. I believe that my time sync went down sometime during the day. Although I don't spend much time watching it to see if its always on and syncing.
  7. some people had trouble with IB, Schwab was unable to be logged into but that's
    all I heard, nothing in the news besides the hack
    but it's happened with NinjaTrader and the same feed that people in different loca-
    tions will be up and others can't connect or the system goes down
    what I'd like is a mapping device that could show the connections being made be-
    tween my computer and internet and a say 5 day log so I could go back and see
    what had been going on. pretty useless most of the time but, now there's a thought
    I'll contact the time server contact and ask him if he knows anything about the servers
    going down - let you know
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    that would be interesting to know. Maybe twitter hack was somehow related to ntp.