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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nursebee, Apr 29, 2012.

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    When I put my computer in standby mode it crashes about a minute after starting it back up. Any suggestions how to fix?

    I do not run much on the computer. Norton AV runs. Spybot and Adaware every now and then. I shut down a lot of background stuff, eliminated many recent add on programs.

    I've searched stores for a replacement computer just for this issue, but what is available does not get my much more in terms of memory or processor without spending a lot of money. I hate to just leave it running and am impatient with cold startup.

    I've thought of system restore, but a new computer might be easier.

    Thank you.
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    I use this setting to avoid a restart
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    Thanks for the power supply management stuff, I was a little familiar with it but did not know I could shut down the hard drive...will do that.

    By back up everything, I assume you mean put all my stuff on the could or a disk, then do system restore? I have never rebooted an do I do it?

    Toms hardware link makes it seem like this is a known issue with a "SSD", what is that?
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    I do not have an installation disk for Windows
  5. How do you benefit from using Standby? I'm with a previous respondent who says shut it off.

    Not sure what brand pc you have, but there may be a partition with the OS on it.
  6. Can you post a picture of the crash? Is it BSOD (Blue screen of death) or is it something different?

    What are the error codes?

    Also - why use standby vs. power on/off?

    I'd bet that it's something in Java or Flash. You probably are going into standby with some application running (possibly in the background) and when it resumes it tries to resume vs. restart - and it causes a crash.

    You are probably best to either write a script or use windows power management (idk if Vista has advanced power mgt like this) to make sure that whatever processes you have running are killed/halted before going into standby and are restarted upon system resume.


    Just don't use standby.

    (Could be a vista thing too... I'd never wish Vista on anyone :) )
  7. You'd better get one. If you keep that machine long enough, nearly 100% probability you'll need the OS disk at some point.
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    I would make sure you're running the latest BIOS for your machine. Also if you don't have the reinstallation media from your manufacturer, I would go ahead and get that ball rolling just in case.

    Most likely this is a BIOS or driver bug.
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