Computer Spyware, Virus Scanner, etc.- which ones?

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  1. Recently our business has received some emails with viruses attached to it. Apparently we are on someone's list.

    Anyways, what programs would our resident computer tech's on the board recommend to eliminate and catch in real time Spyware, Viruses, Etc.?

    And, how much is too little? How much is too much?

    I had a virus checker that I liked, but it didn't play nice with other programs on my computer, so I am hesitant on installing too much.

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    i have tried several including McAffee and Norton and to be honest the best one iv'e used so far is a free AV program called Avast. its the only one that cought several viruses on my pc that the others did not.

    as for spyware...spybot search and destroy is still an awesome utility. it has to be run seperate but works better than any i have been able to find to date.

    for trojan horses an application called 'the cleaner' used to be the geek standard. havn't used it in a while but i'm sure its still around.

    unfortunatelly even using great utilities to catch this stuff is never going to be 100% successful. still common sense and awarness has saved me alot of trouble

    i use the first two with ZoneAlarm firewall and havn't had a problem in well over a year.
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    The best thing is not to be logged on as administrator all the time. Just create user account for your regular work. When you are logged on as admin you (and therefore any virus, trojan etc.) have access to all system resources.
  4. I highly recommend NOD32 from Eset software.

    Very fast and very high rate of detection. Also a very good record of catching new viruses that are not in the database.

    - Curtis
  5. Windows Free firewall that comes with XP will keep them viruses out.
  6. No it won't. Firewalls won't stop attacks via email attachments or browser vulnerabilities or social engineering (user stupidity).
  7. Well I just got trojan repsamo and I run a boat load of programs!

    Nod 32, avast, spybot, spysweeper, spyblaster, and spywareguard didn't catch it. Correction I ran nod 32 after it was detected by spyware doctor, but nod32 didn't catch it!

    Of course spyware doctor caught it, but wants me to shell out 30 bucks. I am a bit suspicous. I am running kapersky free scan.

    The internet can be a dangerous place :mad: I guess I shouldn't look at porn when trading slow on my trading computer. My bad :D
  8. Is that was was on the thread from this weekend? I clicked the link and then hard powered off my machine after about 20 seconds when the hard drive started thrashing unexpectedly. I'm restoring from a two day old backup now, but just wanted to know what was there so I can determine how abused I've been.
  9. No I never clicked on that thread. Someone mentioned it didn't do anything with firefox, I am glad I use it. IE for programs that only accept IE.
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