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    I am sure this question gets asked many times here, but I am not very good with the terminology so I am looking for a "plain english" answer -

    I am looking to by a new PC for trading at home, and I have a simple few questions - I plan on trading through one of the many brokerage firms listed on this site, I will be trading futures spreads, and I plan on starting with 2 screens and upgrading to 3 or 4 if needed in the next year.

    - What are the minimum specs I should look for in a PC?

    - Any opinions on particular brand names? I have had good experience with Acer and HP...

    - Does anyone here use an Apple computer for trading, and if so what are the plusses and minuses?

    Thanks for your patience with an undoubtedly common question!

  2. Simple solution. Buy a Dell Precision T-3400. Even the basic model is plenty for trading. Add whatever video cards you need.
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    Go with the above recommendation. Stay away from eMachines, they are garbage. I've had two and had to throw both out within only a year and a half.
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    I've had GL with Dell too.
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    Also stay away from Zoom modems, again garbage. I had two of them on two different computers, and both gave be horrible disconnect problems. I've had very good results from Motorola modems (i've got two) and no problems with my Linksys G router.
  6. FWIW... I have both a Vostro 400 (with the ubiquitous el-cheapo mobo) and a reasonably fast E8300 C2D.... and 3x, T-3400s.

    Recently I've "reloaded and cleaned up" some of my system installations.

    Because I did them in such close proximity, I've been able to see the difference in performance. Quite frankly, I've been a bit surprised. The T-3400s are WAAAYYYY faster at setup.... even with slower CPUs. It's obvious a computer's "performance" has much to do with things other than CPU speed.

    The Vostro is fine.. I bought it cheaply for a specific purpose.... But I doubt I'd buy another.... If I end up replacing it in the next couple of years, it won't be with another "Vostro-class" machine.

    Currently have THREE, T-3400s.... that's the best endorsement I can give*.

    * There was a time when I said, "I'll never buy a Dell"... since then I've had at least a dozen. LOL !!
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    OK, so what "upgrades" at the dell website if any should I make to a basic t3400? specifically, processors, memory, etc -

  8. If your requirements are "normal" for trading, you don't NEED any upgrades... the Basic package is enough with XP. Whatever you want to spend beyond that (if anything) is purely preference.

    One question, however.... What monitors do you intend to run, and how many?
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    How would you 3400 users compare that model with the XPS 630- would the larger power source, ect be useful for using multiple cards to configure 4 monitors?
  10. The XPS line has "gamer" mobos. Both them and the the Precision line are just fine for trading.

    The computer is concerned only with the power to run the video cards, not the monitors... they have their own power supply.
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