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  1. I have a pata drive that I boot from and the bios gets to the windows xp screen in about 5 seconds. If I use an exact copy ( acronis) with a sata drive the bios takes 3 times as long. Its an intel brand g33 board and all drivers are up to date. any ideas? thanks
  2. Get an Intel 320 ssd

    Install fresh.

    I did in my 2008 HP lappy.

    I'm not sure what a g33 board is..or what u r connecting too.

    But trying to go from pata passed SATA is idiotic ..

  3. Shouldn't take that long.

    Are you using more than one drive? Acronis copy on the 2nd drive? Is one PATA and one SATA?
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    When you switch from PATA to SATA do you disable the PATA ports in the bios?

    Wondering if the BIOS is going through an auto-detect routine trying to figure out what is connected to the PATA ports and it has to timeout before moving on to the SATA ports, I've seen Dell computers behave that way if the PATA ports are not disabled.

    Or are you strictly talking about the time it takes to load Windows, post-BIOS?
  5. it is pre bios, if I use only sata it takes way longer to boot if I use only pata. I would expect the other way around
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    Pre-BIOS the computer is off
  7. Don't know about the board, but are you set for AHCI?

    Also, if Windows is slow to load, check your controller properties under Advanced Settings and make sure you are set to "Ultra DMA Mode 5" and not "PIO" (which runs like a POS)....
  8. You are so smart, thank you. It was off all along.
  9. I have other computers this one is going to the garage. More bad things are happening.
  10. Sounds like either something is wrong with the SATA drive, the SATA cable/connection on the MOBO.... or it's software. More likely, software.

    Suggest mounting the SATA as the slave and run a Low Level Format Utility on it... then try cloning from the PATA drive again.
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