computer says big downward move coming

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. post 1:00

    thats what the computer says.
  2. your computer is having hiccups (double posts). why should we trust it?

    but i agree we should crash really bad soon
  3. we are in a trading range after a big spike up.

    not sure how that favors the downside.

    sure we did reverse yesterday but... not strong enough imo.

  4. Computers are programmed by men. So if there's a failure, it is the failure of man. [​IMG]
  5. but i agree we should crash really bad soon

    Really, Crash? Com'on pull your head outa your ass. This market is not going to Crash other than a quick move down, maybe like what happen with the Flash Move and then right back up as in the same day or even with in a hour.

    The US Stock market is manipulated by all kinds of forces.

    I would buy all dips and get out...not hold any positions overnight or for long term. Wait,...that is what I have been doing...Nevermind.

    The one item to watch for a serious pull back is Oil. Keep that one on your ticker.

    Leave WMT alone.
  6. sosueme


    Dummy, your monitor is upside down.
    Just stand on your head and all will be well with your world
  7. Sorry about that wrong call. Hopefully no one lost money. Had to reboot the computer.

    someone got nailed a few seconds ago on a market order paying like 5 cents more :D
  8. I thought you were a king of shorts. There are things you do not know. When you will know, you will know that the word "big" should absolutely not have been written in there.
  9. Actually, many of the gains have been occurring overnight. This has been true since March 2009 when the last bear market ended. All the after hours gains + large number of gaps are two signs a very abnormal bull market (call it manipulated if you want), but holding overnight has been paying off.