Computer randomly freezes

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chisel, Dec 30, 2002.

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    Is there some way to tell what is causing my computer to freeze if there's a software conflict?

    I have formatted/reinstalled all software and it still happens. Sometimes with IE open, sometimes overnight while idling (no programs start overnight), sometimes with only Outlook Express open....I run Qcharts and have some Excel sheets open, but it has frozen with none of these running.

    I've scanned for virii, searched for trojans with PestPatrol, etc.

    I built this system in Jan. 2002 and it started a few months ago. Some days it doesn't freeze, and some days it froze 4 times. Ctrl/alt/del does nothing.

    AMD 1800xp, Abit KG7, Crucial memory, two Seagate Barracuda hds, Windows 2000 Pro with all updates. Also have a Matrox G200, Sound Blaster and a NIC installed. This machine is not overclocked.

    I'm beginning to think it may be hardware-related, so I may buy another mobo to see if it helps. I'm sure the system has never been too hot...I use MB Monitor.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Yep, same problem with my laptop running XP. Also used to happen when I ran it with Win2000.

    I've done all the tests and can't find anything. I'll be interested to see if anyone has any ideas.

  3. maybe it needs a coat har har
  4. chisel


    Ok, ok. Computer "locks up." :)

    I wish a coat was all it needed!
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    see if you can do a low level memory and video card test from dos and let it run for a couple days. not sure what software to use, im used to compaq server tools. or maybe take one stick of memory out and run for a couple days if it doesnt freeze replace other one. if it freezes try other stick by itself. if it freezes with both then its something else. goto video card - can you swap it out for a couple days? if it freezes move on to motherboard. are you using hardware raid? if raid 1 break set and run without raid for a couple days. swap NIC... etc. until it works. remove sound card and run for a couple days.

    laptop - send it back but im guessing its not under warranty.. hardware isssues is why i dont like laptops - its cheaper to have a PC at home and at work then 1 laptop. very few people actually will use a laptop not at home or work.
  6. I had this problem last year; my friend is a computer geek who racked his brain trying to figure this out. I am not sure what trading platform you use (I am using REDI), but he basically found that the Soundblaster Card and AMD Chip/Asus Motherboard " and REDI did not "like" each other. I am no bear with me here. What he did for me was to remove Soundblaster Card, and went to Intel chip/motherboard, with builtin soundcard.

    I have not had this problem since, so this solution may help you.

    Good Luck
  7. I have had issues with Internet Explorer 6 with freezing up whether I am running it on Windows 2000 or NT. It will be fine and then out of no where I will click on a link and IE will freeze and I have to "end task". It will get stuck in these cycle where I have to keep ending task. I have not found out what the deal is yet but I am assuming it is with Internet explorer. At home I did not have that problem until I downloaded and updated to IE 6 from a version in the 5 series.

    Has anyone else noticed this problem? It has happened now on 3 computers and the one at home does not have trading software on it.
  8. chisel


    I'll swap the video and NIC cards since I have a G200 on another computer and an extra NIC. I'll swap the memory also.

    I don't use REDI as a platform, just IB.

    Thanks for the ideas.
  9. How much Ram you running?
  10. I am running an AMD 1800 with XP home edition, upgraded RAM 768, never experience freezes no matter how much software I run. An extra 512 chip makes a big difference. Pop one in one of your expansion slots and let her rip.
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