Computer Problem-No sound, need help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by regal_2012, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I had sound before but now have no sound.IM using Win XP.

    went to Control Panel, into Sounds and Devices and there it says NO AUDIO DEVICE.

    ok thats the problem

    can someone tel me how to fix it?I have a sound card.It was working fine the other day.

    can I download an audio device from the internet?which one?

  2. Jaba122


    go to start menu, right-click MyComputer, select Properties, Hardware tab, click Device Manager button. There should be either a red X, a yellow exclamation, or a question mark next to the audio device you have. Click on "Update Driver", XP should automatically download the appropriate driver. If not, don't dispair, there are other ways to get the right driver. Let us know

  3. ak15


    If nothing works, try unseating and then reseating the sound card.
  4. I fixed it two days ago.I went to this discussion and toyed around with a few things.

    then did what one guy there said and restored the syestem to an earlier time.start > programs > accessories > system tools > system restore.

    I went back 2 months and it works fine.Didnt ruin any current data either.

    apparently this is a common problem with XP and has been around for years.