"Computer not running like new fix"????

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    When you take you computer in to the local repair shop for the standard "not running like it used to" fix what do they generally do? I mean this seems like a fairly standard thing that they do, maybe I'm wrong. Just trying to save myself the frequent obligatory $100 shell out for this...
  2. only a clean install can make a computer run like new.

    take that 100 buy a program that takes an image of your drive after a clean install. :D
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    Well parents are in town for the week and there Dell Latitude D820 has a grainy screen, almost seems as if it is crashing or something and I am trying to figure it out for them, plus gain some knowledge on my own. Maybe the vid card is crapping out, also just outside the dell warranty by the way... hmmm...
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    Check what programs and services are set to run automatically. Disable the ones that you don't need. Defrag your hard drive. A fragmented hard drive can slow down your computer by increasing the amount of time that is needed to read data from disk. Removing files and uninstalling programs that you don't need could help too. Also, you might want to check for spyware or other malware that could be consuming system resources. Other than that, there isn't much that you can do to speed up your computer.

    To see what programs are set to run automatically, open the Start menu, click Run, and enter msconfig in the dialog box that comes up. This will bring up the System Configuration Utility that will show you what programs are set to run automatically.
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    i would vote against such advise. for many reasons..
    here is one of them-
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    Josef K. - Thank you very much for the info I had started a defrag and the malware too while I was checking the display settings since the screen is giving off a garbled look, not quite flickering but like thin horizontal lines distorting the images. Also the wireless isn't picking up my network. And when I try to run the wireless network wizard it says the wireless software runnng may not let the wizard work so I have to track that down.

    And thank you for the links, I had googled the garbled screenissue but still sifting thru the results. I am trying to learn all this.

    Thanks guys

    edit: trying system restore at the moment.
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    Start by downloading the latest version of Ubuntu.

    Burn it and run it from the CD.

    This will allow you to check whether your problem is the OS or hardware.
    If it's the OS, re-install windows.

  9. a garbled screen means your hardware is shot. that slot on motherboard is fried, the vid card or your monitor.

    re-instal the drivers for the card first.

    (reboot after each change)

    those are the big three, vary one variable at a time to narrow
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    Thank you very much Ninna and Kill, im sure the vid card is cheap (if that is what it is).

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