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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gordo, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Just got my quad monitor set up running. Have a Dell 5150 with 3 ghz 80 gig hd, 1.25 gig ram, Ati radeon 300 e sx, Matrox g200 quad monitor card. Everything was running fine for about an hour. Then the screens froze, and I had to do a hard reboot. Was running, Quotetracker with charts on two of the monitors, TWS order entry and chat room on another, and Quotetracker quotes on the other. Would it have been disabled by my Macafee antivirus software? Appreciate any help.


  2. Test the RAM with Memtest86+ v 1.65.
  3. That it ran for an hour then locked up...
    (a) Something turned at the time of lockup and caused the problem, or
    (b) Your system may have exhausted "resources" but didn't give you the warning message.

    Suggest you disable all non-vital programs and try again with a reboot.

    Addendum... and yes, possibly a RAM test... but you'll want to run that for at least a few hours.
  4. If I understand you correctly, it sounds like this is an existing system (that was stable) and you made a change to the monitor/driver configuration and now it froze? If so, that seems to point the finger at whatever you just changed. Also, what OS?
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    Recently purchased Dell, with Windows XP media. The only change we made, was in the bios, to recognize the ATI card, otherwise it would default to the Matrox quad card. I'll have to try the ram test after market hours.
  6. ati and matrox do not like each other.
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    HMMMM........I just came back on line from a similar lock-up.

    OS: MCE 2005, Dell 8400 3.6mhz, 2gb 533mz DDR2, Matrox 200mms, and Radeon X300 (just loaded the drivers as well), 200gb drive. 5 monitors.
    Running IB, Esignal, excel.

    Same exact set-up running XP & XP pro, no probs, but excel hated those OS's and seems to like this one better.

  8. I had a problem of freezing/bluescreen until I figured it was the bios setting defaulting to PCI instead of AGP. I switched it back to agp it worked.

    Also u may have a weak powersupply...
  9. i guess my ati and matrox have learned to live with each other. i haven't had any problems running these two different cards on the same machine (XPS 400 2.8GHz, Radeon X300, Matrox G200, 2GB ram)
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    I am no expert but may also be a heating problem. Check cpu and video cards temperatures.
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