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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. word...thanks for the tip gordo!

    do you know if the XBOX or PC version is better?? or which one came out first??

  2. for me, i can't stand playing shooter games without a mouse. also, newer computers are more powerful than an x-box, so i'd go with the pc versions. however, if i was going to get a multi-player football game or something that i'd play in the same room with friends, then i'd get the console version. imo, for shooters, pc is definitely the way to go.

    to find out which systems games are for, you can type in the name of the game on this page and it should list the systems and release dates:

    i have medal of honor: allied assault for pc and i will get half-life 2 for pc, also.
  3. yeah word, it was ambiguous on the web site if halflife2 came out first for xbox or pc...always go for the later release date...

    thanks for the website...

    i am more of a console guy myself...just more of a freeballin' style of playing...and i am a freeballin' kind of guy.

    Freeballin' member with two of our Freebuffers of America members!

    matter of fact, i am going to take out the big lebowski and play some motherfucking HALO beeyatch!!!
  4. i've never played halo, but it's a game i've always wanted to play. i almost bought an xbox and i was gonna get halo, but i never did.

    halo is coming out on PC, though, so i may get that.
  5. i'm sure the later release will be better.

    i got my xbox super kit really fuckin cheap as an open box at sam's club a long time ago. one of my wisest investments.


    plus the dvd player was nice, too. much better than PS2 dvd player.
  6. your wisest investment is an x-box?? what an idiot. not your avg idiot but a perfect idiot. dude, you have just placed yourself as an extraordinary moron. congrats.:-/