Computer card problem?

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    Running 2 x NVS quadro nvs 295's (dual output).

    The two screens that lock up run off the same card.

    The computer freezes and has to be restarted, which temporarily resolves the issue.

    Bad video card?

  2. did you try to switch the problem card into a different motherboard slot to see if problem continues?
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    Good idea. Too lazy to do that, yet :D

    If the same monitors freeze after the video cards are switched up, it could be a motherboard (video card port) problem? Time for a new machine?
  4. When you have everything run neat in your desk with wiring and monitors, the last thing you want you do is rip apart the setup.

    If after switching the problem card to a good working slot and the problem remains it could be a card problem... sorry needed to correct what I had previously typed...
    if you switch problem card to good slot and it works fine then it could be trouble in the original motherboard slot.

    Are the monitors all the same brand , same drivers ?
    I just re read the original post , the entire computer freezes up or just the two monitors ?
  5. It is fairly easy to isolate the problem.

    Shut down your computer and take out one NVS 295 card at a time. Restart. See if the problem follows one of the cards. If so, that card is most likely bad. If they both run okay individually, but you have the above problem when they are both working, then you have some kind of compatibility issue (usually not likely for 2 identical card models from the same make).
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    Alright, thanks guys. I'll give this a shot tomorrow and let you know.

    Tiki-- all four monitors lock up. Totally unresponsive.
  7. I did experience this myself and had lots of advice from members here on ET.
    I wound up replacing the power supply and added memory (replaced all , new matching). It did the fix. I also did quite a bit other tweaking on the machine although it was not the problem.
    I had also reinstalled the OS.

    I had forgotten to revisit that thread to thank everyone for their help and resolving the problem. I will do so.

    Take steps previously mentioned in earlier posts to rule out video cards/ drivers first although you have clarified the computer freezes up, all four monitors.
    Troubleshooting can be time consuming. Have patience and do you have backup computer for continued work/ trading ?
    Avoid down time if possible.
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    Power supplies slowly degrade and it's possible and even likely your machine wasn't built with much extra amperage. If the PSU isn't very old then it's the video card (VRAM to be specific). You might try baking it as a last resort if the warranty has expired but I doubt you're ready for those kinds of shenanigans.
  9. I've heard some bad cases of someone trying to use a GPU to work with multiple monitors, say 4 or 6. I'm not an expert, but maybe you could SLI and then work 3 monitors per card. i think they have to be the exact same card.

    note: i have 15,000 monitors; one for each stock.
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