Computer freezes up??????

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jpomerenke, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. I just got a new pc today and it freezes up randomely. Does anyone have any idea why it would do this? I know it could be a million reasons. Any suggestions of what might be the problem or a good place to start ????
    Help!! :D
  2. need more info on when and how it freezes and what you are doing at the time.
  3. Bob111


    format C:
    as usual))))right vhehn?:D
  4. LOL. that will work. actually if its a new computer i would say return to sender.
  5. Bob111


    click to start->run.
    type->msconfig->click OK->click on StartUp tab->Deselect All->restart.

    this may help for beginning..
  6. use the windows that came with computer and buy more ram would be my first guess.
  7. Its a brand new computer sent from the firm i trade at... if need be ill send back, but im sure i can get it fixed myself..... it is custom built with plenty of Ram, etc.... only thing i can say is somehting happened in shiipping it maybe... what happens is it completely freezes up randomely.... its not when im doing anything specials and its different time always.. sometimes 5 second after i start it up...some times over a hour... its always when im doing something else..... no what i want to know is could this be a very card problem, or something major like motherboard...processor... or maybe its soemthing stupid like software... it doenst seem to me like software... and i dont think a clean format will help... ive only heard of hardware problems freezing a computer up compltely after running perfect...

    any ideas???
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    I had a computer that acted like randomly froze after 6 mos. of working fine. The video card was the culprit.
  9. I have a few extra cards laying around...its a good possibility that one got shook up a bit in the trip by fed ex :) One of the cards was half out, so im sure it was thrown around a bit.... ill play around and see if its that...

    any other suggestions if that dont work?
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    i have had 2 separate causes for my computer freezing up.

    1. video card - XP Pro would generate an error message report upon reboot. solution - downloaded latest driver.

    2. cpu fan - XP Pro did not generate an error message report upon reboot. Solution - bought a new fan.

    Good Luck
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