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  1. I would like to purchase a computer to use only for trading.
    I am currently trading the e-minis while watching multiple time frames and will need 4 monitors. Any suggestions regarding brands and features would be appreciated.
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    May i suggest 2 models depending on budget :

    HP xw4600 series

    or a much more powerfull machine :

    HP xw6600 ~1800 [this serie sports Xeon processor from Intel]

    Both series has 2 PCI Express x16 for video cards.

    So you can put in 2 video cards. A very good and relatively cheap card to pop in those HP system is a nice NVIDIA Quadro 290 NVS
    256mb 290&searchscope=All&sr=1&pCurrent=1&wclss=A

    and they seem to be as low as 105$ each. all links and pricing in canadian dollar.

    hope this helps.

    P.S.: all this works together. i use those video cards in the xw4600 and xw6400 machines [ don't have xw6600 yet ]
  4. Doesn't look like you can "customize", but rather simply choose which model and its accompanying upgrades...

    The Dell T3400 has a similar mobo (x38)... and is a few hundred $$ less than HP models.
  5. Has anyone purchased a computer from either of the websites below that claim to make custom computers for traders? I do not know a lot about computers and thought that buying one from a company that specializes in trading computers might prevent some of the problems I read about other traders experiencing when they buy a new computer.
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    What do you want to know DrPepper?

    I had Trading computers build my current rig about 18 months ago.

    No idea where you're at in your trading career but dont confuse a powerful computer for making it necessary to be a capable trader.

    Can you buy just as good component parts and DIY or have a small local shop build it? Yes.

    Did I pay a premium and would Gnome say I spent too much? Yes

    But, I did so for a few reasons:

    Overkill capability
    Headache free.
    Special monitor request.

    Best (trading) computer Ive had so far. Had a no name clone, then a HP, then a Dell, as my trading progressed.

    There are a couple computer sages on ET. Take advantage of that.

    If you ask Gnome he might even give you some names for $/performance min/max suggestions which will save you probably 50% of what you'd pay at a specialized place.

    Dont forget also, that tech advances at such a rapid pace that it may actually make more sense to spend less and get a slightly less than top of the line beast (which for trading will be more than enough) and simply upgrade every 2-3 years.

    If $ is no object and you want as good a computer thats possible I recommend TradingComputers. Unless you're Nitro and you're going to give NASA a run for their money. :D
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    I purchased a trading computer from (model F-18) approximately 1.5 years ago. I bought it to replace a top-of-the-line Dell XPS, which gave me intermittent problems. I have had absolutely no problems with the new one from TradingComputers. I run 8 monitors with a load of charts, using several different charting packages almost every day and it remains stable and very fast. I have decided to replace my trading computer every 3-4 years and I plan to purchase them from TradingComputers.
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    you could try

    they specialize in gaming computers, but probably just as good. I have 2 computers from them and they're great.
  9. Thanks for your comments. I use Ninja Trader and trade the ES using 4 tick charts and 4 time based charts. Therefore, I need a computer that can support four 24" monitors and run 8 charts simultaneously. I would like everything to run smoothly and to have a relatively quiet computer. I am able to afford to purchase a computer from one of the web sites above, but I would prefer to get a computer from my local Best Buy, if I could get the same thing for a better price. I would certainly like to save 50%, as long as I do not have to build the computer myself, as I am not that computer savvy. Any suggestions as to what computer specifications are necessary for the computer I described above and where to get such a computer at a discount, would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try Big Box store (Best Buy, Fry's etc) and talk shop with cust service reps until you find one that's semi intelligent.

    Then ask if he knows anyone (esp in tech/repair dept of store) that moonlights. Sometimes you can find a builder that way.

    Like you I had multiple monitor/program requests, not to mention I run CVB/ticks/seconds charts, plus RT scanning and while I know enough about computers, I also know, you gots to pay to play.

    Being frustrated trying to figure out which chipset on which motherboard, which I/O conflict was causing a problem with what video card... etc etc to save 2-3k was a no brainer. Especially with the time factor trying to track down all the parts.

    Baseline suggestions:

    XP not Vista
    I like Intels chip. Duo core min.
    2 gb memory min. 4 max
    7200 rpm min hard drives
    Nvidia or Matrox video cards.

    Dont forget either RAID or NAT or some kind of back up drive and battery back up for power failures and either dual wan router or 2 nic cards. And 1 year min warranty

    Call TradingComputers and ask for Phil. He's one of the owners and will take time to explain your options without the hard sell.

    Their cust service is outstanding. I lost a screw from heat sink, called up, next day had it.

    Had a bad memory stick, talked me through the diagnostic, had 4 new sticks next day.

    Disclaimer: Phil is not my brother-in-law and I dont get any kickbacks. Just satisfied with their service. Lol.

    Good luck
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