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  1. Friends,

    Any recommdnations for a good computer desk with space for filing, mags, acessories, etc and decent writing/study area.

    Also any recommendations for high quality chairs?

    There's lots of expreience on ET so I am sure someone can provide me so me input/advice.

    Many Thanks in advance
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    i like this desk:

    beacause it's easily supports several monitors without the need for external monitor mounts and keeps everything close to me (i don't want my station to overtake the area, house, world, etc).

    you can accessorize and configure it to suit your needs/prefs/etc.

    it has some writing space, but i have a separate table i use for most of my writing / reading.

    plus, it's pretty cool for a desk to have its own internet shrine :D :

    the main downside is you can only get it at an Ikea store near you, not online.

    and this chair:,1592,a10-c440-p8,00.html

    cuz it's comfy to me.

    you might also find some ideas in this thread: work stations&pagenumber=1

    after a while it got kind of goofy, but there were some nice shots of many different setups. i chuckled at this when i first saw it and again tonight when i viewed it:

    good times :)


    take care and gtty -


    BTW: i rack up most of my reading and studying in my comfy, cushy chaise. i never even knew i needed one until i sat / crashed / melted into that thing. i love it. i'll give up the house before i give up my chaise :D
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    Not down with that desk at all. But hallelujah to herman miller and the aeron chair.

    Gods speed
  4. Thanks Omni
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    IIRC, NihabaAshi actually built his trading desk. He might have some good ideas.
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    I tried several of the top name chairs ... they all eventually made my butt or back tired and/or fell apart. The very best chair... most comfortable for longterm sitting.... imho... is the Scansit 330... here:

    I have had it for 2 years now.. and it still looks and feels new. A very well constructed chair.

    I didn't buy the ottoman... just the office version of the chair (with wheels).

    Good Luck!

  8. I second the recommendation of the Ikea Jerker desk. It's a clone of the AnthroBench (, which is undeniably better, but costs 5 times as much.

    I used an Aeron chair for 4 years and it's not bad. If you don't have air conditioning, or just sweat a lot, the mesh is a great feature. I know this because I was in a 10x10 office with $200k worth of computers, it got warm now and then.

    Other than that, though, I much I prefer the Steelcase Leap. It is more adjustable and provides better back support. A friend of mine has RSI and has used just about every ergo chair ever made, and she settled on the Leap.

    There are various online vendors, but I find that you can actually get the chair cheaper by going to a local Steelcase dealer, for example One Workplace in the SF Bay Area. You also get a much wider choice of fabrics and options. I was quoted $645 + tax.

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