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  1. OK..I suck when it comes to a lot of things but Computers and software seem to take the cake...I have an I-phone and i still haven't loaded a single freaking song into it because I think it would be a im left with a lousy phone that has you tube and e-mail...

    anyway...does anyone know how to record music onto a DVD? I just downloaded about 350 pictures from past vacations onto a dvd....But i'd like to put music to it either from a cd I own or there any easy way to do this?

    your help is can PM me if you prefer
  2. why? Can't i do that with the computer? I downloaded all the pix to the desk top and then put them on the DVD...
  3. You need the software first. Most computers come with a media player, and that's about it. Likewise, you need to download iTunes to put songs onto the iPhone. That is a relatively simple process, though.
  4. i have the itunes part...i think i can figure that out...but ho do i downloads music onto a dvd with there a software or web site for that? thanks!
  5. your computer doesn't do anything without software

    you want to mix 2 mediums, images with sound or vv so you need
    a mixer/editor/software/digital recording studio to do the job

    here's one:
  6. You rule! Thank you !!!
  7. I am assuming that you are talking about some kind of slide show of your pictures, with music playing in the background. If so, I don't think it is as simple as just transferring music over to a DVD of the pictures. You will need some kind of software for doing this. I suggest doing a google search under something like "pictures to dvd with music". This will give you various places with instructions and available software.
  8. uh you don't have to assume anything, he explicitly stated what he wants

    do a "google search"? you are a big freaking help ! :p
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    TM, if you feel that you are computer-challenged, you may want to follow the KISS rule for now. Windows already comes with "Windows Movie Maker" built-in, free. It's under Start - All Programs - Accessories - Entertainment.

    While WMM is pretty basic, the major benefit for someone without any prior multimedia-making experience is that you can realistically read / scan much of its Help file and create your first simple project quickly, perhaps in one sitting. To create a picture slide show set to music of your choice, basically all you need to do is: import your pictures (all at once, if you wish)... import your audio track(s)... select one of several AutoMovie Editing Styles... and create an AutoMovie. That's it. You can specify the duration of each picture, special transition effects, if you want any, etc. Once you know what you're doing, the whole thing takes only minutes.

    Now, to burn the resulting .wmv file to a DVD (playable on a stand-alone DVD player), your best bet would be to use whatever DVD burning software came bundled with your computer. If your computer has a DVD drive, then it must have come with such free software.

    In case you need more help or maybe outgrow WMM's capabilities some day and want to take your skills to the next level(s), the go-to website - and a great forum - for anything multimedia-related is VideoHelp (formerly VCDHelp). But, if I were you, I'd start with the simplicity of WMM. You'll want to learn and practice the essential concepts and terminology first, before even thinking about getting fancy or moving on to more powerful tools. Have fun.
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