Computational Finance & Risk Management Masters course

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  2. strait up bullshit - but hey go for it.

    there is more info on this forum than you would ever learn with that course.
  3. School is only moderately useful for knowledge, but very useful for the network. So, if there is a network that will help you achieve your goals, then consider it.
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    Yes, i am considering, but sometimes i don´t know, as Mark said, if learn here or through school is better
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    Well if you have bachelor degree in economics or in math then I think it's worth to enroll. Course program looks quite comprehensive. I hope they won't start from very basics like algebraic equations etc, because then the overall level of knowledge they give is very basic which is of course insufficient for building strategies or finding job in the industry.
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  6. dan pena says "just do it" " for fucks sake"

    steve harvey says "just take the jump"

    trading is 99% psychological fear that you don't know wtf you're doing.

    i suffered from it most people do, it takes many years to burn through dead ends to accept what works.

    so the sooner you start burning through real money the sooner you will be a real trader. there is no other formula to learn trading. don't have the money then find it work for a trader who will let you try some things and give you guidance. you will never learn how to trade through a school it's not there, you learn from people actually trading. find someone or a firm and work for free - think that is even better than paying to go to a school - do what you have to do to get connected. read every book over and over this cost nothing to do but time, learn to power nap watch the markets 24/7 and know your subject inside and out.
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    If you want to be a trader a degree in quant finance isn't going to be useful to you. An MBA from any school (to get the business side/selling down) perhaps with a concentration in finance would be most useful. MBAs generally have decent "intro to trading and portfolio management" style classes towards the senior year. That would cover stuff like portfolio optimization, MPT, etc, as well as "by-the-book" fundamental analysis.

    Your primary uses for a degree such as that one is working as a market maker in a BB or in a hedge fund on new pricing formulas. Not really trading. No one is going to put a guy like that in a pit (digital or otherwise). Mark's reply is correct in the sense you're going to learn about trading paying your tuition to the market. No class will teach you to handle the emotional ups and downs of trading.
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    An academic environment provides not only disciplined study and rigorous evaluation, but a safe environment in which to do so. The dirt-under-the-nails of market experience can be acquired in a summer's internship.

    Want proof? Size up the income of a trader with a bachelors and 4 years of experience, against a Masters (CFRM, etc) and two years of experience. In 10 years, see who's supervising whom.

    The reason these programs exist is that the market deems them worthwhile through salary. "Price signaling" as the economists say.... :wtf:
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    Can you find any info of previous graduates of this course? $42k should buy you something...

    It really depends what you want to do...

    I would save the money and read every new posting at
    Look at the tutorials on Quantopian's site:
    Also, there are 100's of working trading systems on that site that you can copy, edit, learn from and profit from. Why reinvent the wheel? If you are really good and have a competitive system they might also seed you with some trading capital.

    You can take several courses in Python through for free if you audit the class.

    More trading&page=1&configure[clickAnalytics]=true&indices[prod_all_products_custom_ranking_revenuelast28d][configure][clickAnalytics]=true&indices[prod_all_products_custom_ranking_revenuelast28d][configure][hitsPerPage]=10

    Another course that I thought very well done as an intro/overview was:

    If you want to attend classes look at Trulanes Energy program. They hava a full trading room and actually teach trading energy products. They also have trading competitions between students.

    Use the $42k to start trading in microES or tiny FX size products.

    Plenty of options.... most free.
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    Thanks everyone, it makes sense about not enroll...
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