CompUSA is going out of business?

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    Get ready for the inventory liqudation!:

    According to rumours:

    "CompUSA's holiday revenue is half what it was last year (which, as commenter Hans points out, might have to do with those store closures), store-restocking shipments are not being scheduled past February, and additional liquidators are being called in to help manage closure of the 103 remaining stores. "
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    Wow, I used to own this stock back in the mid 90's, ticker: CPU. At the time it was one of the hottest stocks around. I remember pouring most of my money into this stock, it eventually dropped while BBY started to rally and take CPU by surprise. I ened up selling my remaining shares in the low double digits. I think its time they close, BBY has put tremendous competition on them over the last 10 years. CPU tried to change, but couldnt compete with BBY.

    Another store about to go bankrupt CC, Also Radio Shack, these 2 should just sell themselves. BBY is the only one doing it right, for now.
  3. They closed Northern Burbs(Chicago) I think last year. Never did like their store as all items could be found on the net for far less $$ most of the time.

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    The rumours were true, of course. I went to the store yesterday just out of curiosity, and they had the nerve to give a HUGE 5% discount on most products, the bastards...

    Seriously, who gives a 5% discount? That is an insult...
  5. lol, did they try to sell you an extended warranty?
  6. yes, the 3 year protection plan!
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  8. You think 5% is an insult? I went there yesterday, it's mark 10% off MSRP. That's a month later. And even after 10%, their price is still more than other retailers. And it's FINAL SALES.

    I went in there and it's like a ghost town, there were a few customers. Probably think the same thing as I am. A closing out store still cost more than other retailers.