Comprehensive Sector List

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY0BScalper, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I just setup an additional few monitors on an extra PC I wasn't using, and my plan is to have them show small charts of the different sectors. I'll setup keys so I can switch layouts and cycle through the sectors... each layout being one that shows a different sector (or two sectors, or whatever).

    I realize there are many ways of doing this myself, including using competitors on yahoo finance, or just us ing the names in the sector SPDRs. However, I want to be relatively specific; that is, I don't want to group together VLO and XOM even though they're both energy, or BIDU and AAPL even though they're both tech. In my mind, there might be 20-30 different sectors.

    If anyone has a list of the highest volume stocks, (top 500-1000), sorted by specific sectors, I would love it if you post it and/or PM it to me. If someone has already done almost exactly what I want, and can just give it to me, I'll give you a free money trade when I see it... (a trade guaranteed to win, or 95%+).

    To be clear, I want lists of direct competitors, or as close as is attainable. At the same time, if there are stocks that don't quite have any direct competitors in their field, I'd like to know which ones they are so I am not oblivious to their existence.

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