Comprehensive List of Proprietary Trading Firms

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  2. Very helpful, thanks.
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    There's a large number of groups there that are not prop firms but sub-LLCs or management groups within prop firms -- some of which are rather sleazy.
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    a few more for the list

    TransMarket Group
    League Trading
    Excel Trading Group
  5. any1 know whether any of these prop firms have offices in australia?
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    Refco (old Mac Futures) used to have a Sydney office, not sure if it's still open

    TMG is in Sydney
  7. Thanks for the list. This makes it so much easier to update my own "good firm/firms of concern" list.

  8. Ok so who is the best? Meaning where is the best place to become a long term profitable trader. I am assuming each place requires series 7, $25,000 up and of course a pulse. :p
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    Transmarket is on there
    League I couldn't find anywhere on the net, got any info?
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