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  2. Compounding is the single greatest wealth building tool.

    There is nothing else in the same universe let alone league.
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    Good calculator. Starting out with a 2K account, making 1 ES points everyday minus commission (around 2% daily), you end up with 283K at year's end.....
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    WOW, this is simple. just keep getting larger as the equity curve takes off.

    Well like Don Bright said in one of his posts: paraphrased: "it is simple but hard to do."

    Beginners get it backwards when starting out.

    Compounding is a HOOK.
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    Actually there is a better tool out there to get rich. Just follow some of the commercial wannabes that come in and want to share such wonders as a apex roadmap, apex himself picks your tops and bottoms. What else do you need? How about surf, now there is a trading plan. Then we have Jack/spyder, never a loser again with that jibberish noise trading method.

    Maybe we all are better off taking a loser now and then, forgetting about compounding, just laugh surf off. .. :D

    Commercial wannabes cause new traders a lot of heartache and money. if only they could trade actual money themseld, then they would stop waxing the bone thinking about how much money they can make off of pigeons... :p

    Case in point: Scroll down to "more news" "regulators fine MAN Financial for sales Fraud.........thur 22 05:58 ............... Ok, enough of trading for the weekend, Awards tonight, great fashion show. :D