Complimentary Hedge Fund Set Up Help

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by martinking, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. believe in giving back?--- Here is something nice for ya'all.

    No need to pay. There is no catch-- Just want to help.

    Complimentary Hedge Fund Start-Up Consulting Services
    Hedge Fund start-up consulting services at no cost. There is no catch! Will assist with the set up of funds, development of accounting and operational systems, and the selection and engagement or administrators, prime brokers, auditors, and legal counsel.

    Will also assist with investor relations and due diligence management, and the preparation of marketing materials. Interested? Drop me a line, hedgeCFO@gmail.Com.
  2. Exactly how many people are setting up new hedge funds these days? Are there still investors that want to put cash into hedge funds?

    It would appear that there is much more work available for people helping to close down and mop up hedge funds.
  3. This is free help from a seasoned professional--wants to give back.

    Plenty of opportunitiies exist outside of mainstream, typically long short garbage. Tons of money looking for a home now.
  4. Only thing asked is.
    some positive words here, if it helps you, would be nice!

  5. How much you think is required to set up a US fund?
    How about an offshore one?

  6. Depends whats ya looking to do.

    want institutional money-- atleast 50k plus in set up costs.

    want money from your mommy/relatives/firends and just want to say your a hedge fundeee---you can do it for under 2k

    Thanks for all the response. Helping several to the next level now.
  7. LEAPup


    What a tremendous gesture!! The World needs more people like you in it!!
  8. Thanks. Several serious players from this board are already getting free HF set up assistance.

    Also got bizzare PM's with people demanding information on the firm, etc prior to sending an email---- very strange, cynical behavior.

  9. LEAPup


    I wouldn't reply to anyone demanding ANYTHING of you. There's some "odd" people here, and that's putting it mildly.

    I did send you an e-mail (from trustedadvisordavid)

    Can't wait to speak with you, and tremendously appreciate your help!

  10. great. I hope the service helps you!

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