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    Hi Everyone -

    Many traders are looking for ideas for new trading strategies. People especially like entry and exit ideas, which of course are only part of the puzzle...

    Anyhow, I put together some fairly simple entries and exits I have used over the years in a free 42 page e-book "9 Terrific Trading Entries, 7 Sensible Exits."

    Hopefully you will find something you like in it!

    Go here to get it:

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  2. Cool, I like your office bookshelf! :cool:
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    Thanks. Some very good books on it!!!
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    Just opened the book.

    Very generous of you. Thank you.
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  5. Thank you Kevin.
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    Thanks I appreciate it!
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    You are welcome!
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    You are welcome!
  10. What a stand up guy. I've watched a few of your videos Kevin. You're definitely a straight shooter.

    Since we're sharing, I have like 20-30 EasyLanguage files coded by multiple developers from back in the day, which I think can help neophytes build trading logic principles. If anyone wants them, PM me. I don't want to post publicly.
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