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  1. A few of you know that by monday I will/will not have taken a job working as head of an agency desk. If I take the job I have to get my 24, but as of now I am compliance illiterate. My question is can I still post on ET as long as I am not making recos?
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    You may not post ANYTHING on the internet or E mail that you do not want Compliance to read. Most firms even read Instant Messenger now! Why risk your job?
  3. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. There is no compliance issue as long as you are not talking about specific stocks....even then , as long as you are not pumping and dumping, your fine....there may be house rules about internet communication, but it shouldn't be a problem...
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    Most Broker/Dealers specify very precise rules about not posting on the internet when you sign the employee manual.
    Why would somebody risk a salaried position for being able to post on this board during trading hours? Why do large firms specify NO hotmail or AOL access? Why not ask compliance instead of guessing? I guess you never worked at a REAL FIRM!
    Do as you please.

  6. Relax....I guess you have never worked as the director of Compliance for an NYSE firm?????

    Of course he will check with compliance...but its no big deal...times have changed....years ago there was barely Internet access, now everybody has MSN as their home page. if this is an Agency desk, you are going to have lulls in trading all day long and I will bet you 100 bucks most of the traders are cruising on line or playing internet games....Tell your DOC you will be on ET looking for trading info and news ect...and that you will never comment on any stock and it will be no big deal...hell, bloomberg is worse then ET from a compliance standpoint
  7. Easy....easy...we are just talking here. No need to get worked up. I am definitely going to ask the existing compliance officer but figured that some ET`er out there may have worked in this capacity and could let me know so I don't raise any red flags by asking.


  8. I just did...was DOC for 10 years or so.....they may or may not let you but its not a big deal.....ask the other traders what they do during the lulls.....most are on porn sites
  9. TM, Yes, I know for a fact that the other traders chat on IM all day long with traders in a different office. They may even take orders on IM. And and poker are the number one and two (respectively) things to do when it is slow. :D I guess I will have to ask if I can still post on ET.
  10. Just find out what the policy is but don't mention that you have posted on ET. You don't want an issue right out of the starting gate.
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