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  1. Just another philosophical trader question.

    Is it possible that with the advent of the web, that we overcomplicate our business.

    It is possible to trade with a hand held calulator and a chart, I have found.

    Traders, as you evolution has progressed, have you found that less is more?

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    But I think that your learning quest has to pass through one or more complexity phases before you're able to distil the simple essence to understand it, apply it, love it.
  3. Philosophical?

    Aren't you one of Jack's staunchest disciples?
    He now seems to have switched into the very simple ones.

    nononsense :D
    "I prefer leading indicators most of all."
    champion Jack's only ever oneliner
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    The greater the time length the position is on, imo the less complicated the analysis can be. This is because the advantage of one market participant over another converges to zero. However, the shorter the time frame you trade on, imo the more sophisticated your methods have to be to compete.

    I only believe that markets are fractal as so long as that they lose information as the square root of time.

  5. To make complex seem simple
    you must understand all the complex intricacies
    before you can apply it simply.
  6. What was complex for me...was finding the trading methods that tend to work well in any market condtion day in.. day out...

    However after finding is just like having a reliable job....