complex orders in Canada?

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  1. Do you guys know any broker that allows complex orders for options on the web?

    Also, as you guys may know, us Canucks are getting murdered on commissions on options. Any broker offers acceptable prices? (comparable to the U.S)

  2. What is a complex order for you?
  3. Well from the brokers I contacted, Anything that has 2 legs or more would be considered complex. These morons can't even offer that apparently
  4. I guess anyways that your best options are interactivebrokers (office in Montreal) or ThinkorSwim (if you'r not a Québec resident, thanks to l'autorité des marchés financiers).
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    What's the story with Quebec residents not being able to use TOS?
  6. My mistake, I had a look and it is now offered (took over a year).
    The thing is that in Canada, the regulation is on a province basis and in Quebec they tend to play their own game. So all the brokers have to comply with theses special regulations, one in particular must be regarding docs/support in French.
  7. In that case Keops, would you say IB or TOS is better?
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    +1 on TOS

    tho you can't do Canadian equities

    and funds are held in US dollars
  9. Unless I understand wrong, TOS commissions seem considerably higher for options compared to IB... Am I right?
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