Complex Hierarchial Neuro Lingini Systematic Approach to Wealth

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  1. Trend is down. Sell. If trend changes cover.Wait. Study money management principles and Go fishing, work in garden, enjoy a good cigar and wait for trend to re-establish or change. Once this happens trade in direction of trend. Risk just enough, but not too much. Repeat as necessary.

  2. linguini?
  3. Detailed Methodology and Decision Heuristics

    When the trend is up, Buy.

    When the trend is down, Sell.

    When there is no trend, go fishing, work in garden, enjoy a good cigar.

    ....and above all else, risk just enough but not too much. Take small losses and treat every trade as though you will tell your grandchildren about it someday while working in the garden or going fishing or sharing a good cigar
  4. I have no idea what makes bean go up or down and I don't care. But they are going up again, so I bought several thousand bushels. If they stop going up, I will sell my beans since I don't want them in the back yard. Seems like I have been buying lots of beans lately. Everybody wants them.

    ..and that's all I have to say about that.

  5. basis


    Seykota much?

    (btw, he hasn't made money in years...)
  6. What is a Seykota? And why should I care if he (it) makes money or not?

    How do you know he (it) has not made money?
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  8. I don't know why we never put meatballs on top anymore. I really liked it that way.
  9. Copper has been exciting. Yippee. I have not made much money on this one recently. Always hoping next one is the one. Silly me. I am working on my tomato plants while things are sorting out on this one. You guys fooled me on the last breakout. Fool me once shame on me......