Complex Event Processing

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  1. januson


    Hi there...

    Can anyone direct me actual case studies where CEP has been succesfully implemented

    And/ or

    Articles where CEP is described with trading in mind.

    Kind regards
  2. MGB


    You may have to google/bing it.
  3. januson


    Ohh... that didn't occur to me :p

    Sometimes the gems can be hard to find in the search-jungle that's why I'm asking fellow traders :)
  4. you'll only find pretty basic sheah...

    bing/google (boogle?) Esper trading
  5. rosy2


    no article but I use esper for things. it works and is quicker to develop than doing the same thing with basic data structures
  6. You might start by looking at the sites of the big commercial finance-focused CEP vendors -- for instance -- they all keep a record of media items related to use cases of their software.
  7. januson


    Thank you for collaborating, I have looked at Streambase and to be honest... It looks like a long sales speech, not much value in their papers nor in their diagrams.

    I'm looking for something more technical; why is CEP interesting and what can it do that normal programming can't.
    Take for instance this:
    Why is VWAP suddenly presented as complicated? I mean.. How stupid to they thinnk we are?
    And then there is a lot of yada-yada... tens of thousand of event per second... yeah yeah... Should that be particular interesting when compared to "do it yourself" development?

    Maybe I just don't get it :)

    Is it just a piece of software/ framework that enables users/ programmers to incorporate strategies faster and more efficient?
  8. januson


    Another funny one..

    select avg(Price) from StockTickEvent.Win:time(30sec)

    I don't see the hard part here? :mad:

    Somehow the Nesper is opening my eyes a bit, well... thank you for that link. I will report back as I progress my journey into CEP.

    Feel free to post your thoughts about CEP.
  9. I wouldn't put much weight on that. The CEP vendors all use "toy" examples such as VWAP in their presentations, regardless of the level of complexity attainable with their software. Bear in mind, they might have 30-45 minutes in front of a prospective client to communicate all aspects of their functionality. If you're with a major firm, I'd suggest you schedule a demo or two from the big vendors. You'll find it interesting.
  10. rosy2


    ok. what would that code look like if it wasnt in a CEP query? can you post it here? thanks
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