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    Completely New eSignal 11 Offers Advanced Performance And Intuitive, Customizable Interface

    Award-Winning Flagship Software Re-designed to Help Active Traders Navigate an Increasingly Complex Marketplace

    HAYWARD, Calif., January 5, 2011 – Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of financial information, analytics and related solutions, today announced that its desktop solutions team has released eSignal 11, a re-designed version of the core eSignal software.

    The new version of eSignal features a significantly improved intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows users to focus entirely on market analysis and trading. It also offers a wide range of customization options, including ease of access, themes, object-based charting and more.

    Key features of eSignal 11 include:

    * Multiple theme options: Users can choose from among a variety of colors and default settings for menus and toolbars, or create or import their own themes.
    * Tabbed Pages: Tabbed, multi-page functionality allows users to quickly move between the data sets essential to trading style.
    * Support in Multiple Languages: Users in key worldwide markets can access support in their native languages.
    * Full Multi-Threaded Support: Fast, powerful multi-threading can help meet the evolving demands of equity and derivative markets.
    * Integrated Research Window: Users can efficiently view company profiles, financials, earnings estimates, analyst ratings and other key information in one window.
    * Studies in a Watch List: New capabilities enable viewing, sorting and scanning for opportunities while in the Watch List, as well as displaying technical indicators, and prebuilt and customized studies from the eSignal Formula Script (EFS) library.
    * Trading Integration: The new Trade Manager allows users to view current market depth and enables quick single-click trading to place or modify orders.
    * Money Management Planner: Users can develop multi-level money management strategies with customized combinations of profit and protective stop orders, including break-even and trailing stops.

    For a complete list of eSignal features, please visit

    "eSignal's industry-leading market data, charting software and overall user experience help active traders navigate an increasingly complex marketplace," said Paul Famular, vice president of business operations for Interactive Data Desktop Solutions. "With the release of eSignal 11, we have re-invented our core service to continue to provide these traders with the fastest, most intuitive and elegant trading platform in the market."

    Through its desktop solutions business, Interactive Data provides streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders.

    The company delivers time-sensitive financial information to active individual traders via its eSignal product line. For more information about these products, please visit or call 510.723.1765.

    About Interactive Data:
    Interactive Data Corporation is a trusted leader in financial information. Thousands of financial institutions and active traders, as well as hundreds of software and service providers, subscribe to our fixed income evaluations, reference data, real-time market data, trading infrastructure services, fixed income analytics, desktop solutions and web-based solutions. Interactive Data's offerings support clients around the world with mission-critical functions, including portfolio valuation, regulatory compliance, risk management, electronic trading and wealth management. Interactive Data is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts and has over 2,400 employees in offices worldwide.

    For more information, please visit
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    Don't know how you guys stay in business. overprice products
  3. How about fixing the discrepancy between whole minute data and fractional minute data?
  4. Ding-dong! Rooty-toot! Bells and whistles! What we WANT is fully-automated trading through IB. Not more damn functionality that will probably slow down our scripts. And I didn't see the magic words "Your old page layouts will still work with this new bullshit. Nor did we screw anything up, like we usually do with a new version." Oh, and BTW, charging for longer historical data really pisses me off, since I have been with you longer than your historical data goes back. Other than that, I am a satisfied customer.

    Edit: You should never have gotten me started. The OTHER thing we want is EFS documentation that can be understood without a PhD in Java. Go look at the pathetic descriptions in the EFS glossary sometime and YOU try figure out how something fucking works that you don't already know about. So how's about spending some bucks on how to USE the beast? And I may be wrong, simple old man that I am, but I think you don't have the capability to automate iteration of stop optimization in the backtesting, which is a huge pain-in-the-ass doiung manually. My bottom line in all this, as I can attest from personal experience, is that you don't give a shit what individual subscribers want. You only care about functionality that the useless ourveyors of add-on studies you partner with want. Look at the EFS functionality. Half of it exists to provide capability needed to sell, third party studies. I think I'm done now.
  5. Is there a way to backtest with virtually no coding skills?

  6. Does eSignal have an API access to significant historical data to allow for third party system development?
  7. pspr


    I just canceled eSignal yesterday and switched to the free IB data feed through Metaserver. It seems eSignal is going to charge me for the full month of January anyway. :mad:
  8. bigpapi


    How does that work? How do you get a free datafeed from IB

  9. bigpapi


    Pay a coder, learn ninjatrader (if your strategy is simple you can do it yourself) or trade for 10 years and you'll have your own backtest results :D

  10. pspr


    Metaserver collects the data from the IB TWS quotes and sends it to Tradestation, Metastock and a few others. Amibroker uses IB data without metaserver.

    Google "Metaserver" or "Amibroker" to learn more.
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