Complete Video of Obama’s Cairo Speech

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  1. yes, almost all of them

    they buy this clown's crap
  2. when a word or phrase is repeated too much, hearing it becomes nauseating

    there are 4 words I am so fucking sick of hearing; terrorist, gay, democracy, sexy, anytime I hear someone repeat it, I just say to myself, I'd love to see this person fucking fall on his head and die

    any speech an american politician gives has to have the word democracy somewhere in it, go fucking shove democracy up your ass motherfucker, just stop repeating that word

    just fucking worthless humans, what a shame to be born on this planet
  3. I hope y'all noticed that little fag mustache he grew to appear more like a greasy Muslim.

    I can't believe what a Poser this POS is. A mustache? Just to look more like a Terrorist to fit in? Pathetic.
  4. Typical Fox News whack job viewers. If you guys were any smarter, you'd be embarrassed by your own stupidity. In the meantime, enjoy your bliss.
  5. I particulary enjoyed watching the Fox lady repeat how Obama never used the word democracy, as I guess by doing so she would have loved the speech. And, then watching the whole speech and counting 3 or 4 times he did actually use the word and the concept.

    When opinions are so extreme, on either side, reality can never set in. Oh well.

  6. Cesko


    From left to right. From right to left. From left to right. From right to left. From left to right. From right to left............................

    Like a fucking pendulum swinging. Now I know why he is so "mesmerizing". IN CAIRO!!!! And mustache? How manly.

    But I understand for some people like Thunderdog it's a porn.
  7. How if you met a sexy gay terrorist who happened to love democracy.
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