"Complete" Turtle System w/diversification and pyramiding under WL and TS

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TSaimoto, Nov 17, 2002.

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    Well, I've got a Turtle system with all the diversification and pyramiding rules with all the picking criterias all coded.

    For the WealthLab, it's simple, you just run it and it'll tell you what is most market for taking a position.

    For the Tradestation. It'll give you the most reasonable trade to take from a scale of 1-100. So you have all the charts open for active markets and it'll tell you which is most probable. Well, there are obvious discretionary market picking criterias like correlation. (If you're in Soybeans and if you get a signal with Corn and Oil with the same range of value, you should take oil because Corn correlates more with Oil). Simply, when the day ends, it gives you an alert with the ratings on. You've got to do your own Diversification math but it's simple.

    It's got all the filters and setup explained in Russell Sands and Turtletrader.com material, along with criterias I got from a friend who used to work with Bill Eckhardt(I'm not sure who made it but it works well).

    I can help you with actual trades until you get the hang of it through E-mail.

    Just from the public information, it's got a 2.6 Avg. Profit/Loss Ratio, 42% Profitability, eventually making 43-57% Annual Return and Max Drawdown 15%. Performance rises with pyramiding, extra setups and using volume on breakouts.

    How much will this be worth? With Turtletrader.com (useless for Turtles) and Russell Sands (small book isn't worth so much, $2000 course is expensive but good) charging so much, maybe I should sell some of my obviously semi- unoriginal coded system.

    Would you pay for a code/service like this?
  2. Wow, how's Sands been doing? I remember getting Turtle Talk back in 1992 and then letting it tail off because the Turtle system had a couple of lean years during that period, just when the stock market was beginning another ramp. Also, didn't a couple of the original Turtle disciple funds go bust just after the techniques were fully disclosed by Sands? Another rule of system deployment: wait until it washes out a generation, then trade it with a vengeance... :cool:
  3. Just curious, isn't there a non-disclosure agreement involved with the TurtleTrader.com related materials that you've used?

    If there was an NDA, you'd be in breach to disclose and especially to sell in any form.
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    I took Sands course 10 years ago and there was no NDA.

    The Turtle methods have been publicly disclosed many times (perhaps "illegally") in the past. But by now it's considered in the public domain. If you search hard enough you'll find it on various websites and message boards.

    Regarding the turtles who had their funds that went bust, there were a couple different ones. One made some trades that were not within the turtle method, and when the drawdown was >50% the major investors withdrew their money thereby breaking up the fund. Irony is following the turtle method in those same markets the next 2 years were the best years that decade! The other disciple simply hit a drawdown and investors pulled out.

    You may want to follow the large hedge fund managers who are still using the turtle method and are managing 8-9 figures. The turtle method is much more suitable to hedge funds than private traders due to the nature of diversification requirement.
  5. Tsaimoto, i got a radical suggestion for you. Disclose the system here for FREE. I'll bet you'll get more respect and personal satisfaction out of it then becoming "just another vendor".
  6. There is nothing wrong with honest vendors, and he seems to be honest enough. He even asks this board readers if they would pay for this system implementation in WL and TS. Fair enough for me. The only problem I have with vendors or tutors is their blatant dishonesty, they either overcharge you for their simple systems or fail to disclose their trading records all the time claiming they were/are supertraders (like some Ed Moore). Or, what's even worse, they do both.
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    Interesting. How much would you charge for it?
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    OK.... first thing is:

    I never signed a NDA stuff. I got all the material from a friend. I guess the NDA problem is not mine but my friend's. I did buy Russell Sand's stuff, no NDA. Expensive though.

    I wouldn't be asking for a price if I knew how much it's worth.

    About disclosing everything...

    I've posted a code for the simplified version under, WDGann. The one I'm consider selling is the fuller version. Actually, here:


    A bit more about the code. I backtested it with WealthLab. Also, the TS version is an alert so it can't be backtested.... unless you modify it and use RINA systems for thing like that. (Don't know much about RINA, though)

    Am I a vendor? Don't know... well, look at it this way, you buy my code(I might not sell it) and we become Turtle trader buddies... LOL

    I don't know Russell Sands personally. Well, I have talked to him about a late shipment for the course. Friend who worked for Bill Eckhardt is a another guy.