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    The following are some bullet points on a modern, full-featured trading platform for sale, which I am posting on behalf of past customer. Please keep in mind that this is an institutional-level platform that is suitable for a trading firm, not a retail trader.

    The platform is direct market access, low latency, scalable and modular. There was much research done to establish the frontend and backend architecture, e.g. evaluating messaging, user interface, and data storage technologies as well as utilizing high-performance computing techniques.

    It will be easy for someone to adapt this platform to the most rigorous trading environments. It can do risk in nanoseconds and process 500,000 orders per second with a single order management server.

    The platform is written using modern software architecture design and principles, which enables one or two developers to integrate any complex feature in much less time than they would normally be able to.

    This is a complete front and back end which includes an order router, market data feeder, full-featured risk admin and user admin, trading front end and algorithmic trading server for server side strategy execution. Also included is an API for order management and market data.

    The platform also integrates into 3rd party platforms like TradeStation.

    For more information and a walkthrough of the platform, please contact John Karvelas at 312-578-0243
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    Attached is a technical overview of the product.