Complete Losers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rol, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Rol


    Anybody else long these two losers like I am?

  2. BDK


    i shorted the crap out of BBY around 32.60, lol
  3. Eight


    they are in uhh, downtrends!!
  4. Do you have an exit strategy or do you plan to go down with the ship?
  5. Rol


    I'll be exited them in a day or so... just wanted to get a feel for opinions out there. So far two thumbs down. I'll post the exits when they occur.
  6. Ohhh that dark feeling coming down....(sung in Bob Dylans voice)
  7. Rol


    Knock Knock
  8. I hope you make it buddy....
  9. Rol,

    Good way to fail at trading is fading strong trends.

    Let go, join the flow, stick to utprending equities for buying and for downtrending ones for shorting.

    You can do it, free yourself.

    #10     Mar 28, 2011