Complete list of curreny manipulations, devaluations, revaluations and other events

Discussion in 'Forex' started by birkz, Mar 15, 2008.

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    I am interested of studying historical key events on foreign exchange. I am interested of:
    • currency devaluations
    • currency revaluations
    • various manipulative attacks
    • collapses and initiations of currency peg`s or other currency regimes
    • other major changes in sentiment or monetary system that had influence on particular currency
    So i would be happy when you could post replys with type of event, name of event, date of event (as exact time as possible would be great). Especially lucrative would it be when link to analysis follows :p. I am ready to group these events in the future and edit my first post here based on happening date of event, happening location of event and happening reason of event. So traders now and in the future can benefit from that information.
  2. Check the link below. I recall reading about a guy who did what you are seem you want to do. He was multiplying his money by a large factor ( 30 times or something). I trade mainly option on indices, so I have not followed on it in currencies. But it is interesting. Post your results once you get some. The most recent famous collapse was the collapse of the pound in the 80s. But it rallied since then vs the dollar. Now the dollar is the big story. Next is manybe the euro or one of the currencies of small countries that went way too far in my view.