Complete Global Debt Crisis

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  1. This crisis will be taught in universities for the next 500 years at least, maybe even a few 1000 years. They will teach how the entire world fell apart and at the head of it was a country that used to be called the united states. Most people dont even know whats comming.
  2. Although I agree..........

    The tempo of the doom and gloom scenarios will surely parallel the rise in es to 1200 plus.

    Nothing is real. Go walk the dog. Go walk the beach. Go smell the flowers.

    But keep munching the grass dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. so true that nothing is real, but as long as the illusion is going, you can live a pretty easy and nice lifestyle for the amount of work you do. When its gets "real" thats when you work like a dog just to feed and house yourself.
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    Pessimism is greatest at the bottom of the business cycle...
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    The powers that be will hit the reset button before any Global Crisis occurs. No doubt there will be some discomfort but nothing any worse than we saw in 2008. A single currency is in the future; it's just a question of who will have the power to print it.
  6. Interesting chart on Eur Gold. Anyone know where I can follow that as I only have it in US$.

    There is no breakout yet. Looks like a triangle/wedge with diverging stochastics to me. His horizontal is too low and now PA is double topping but the rising top trendline (not drawn) is of more interest to me.
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    Solar Cells will be the new currency. Eventually there will be enough solar cells on earth that the space available to use them will become the new currency - land. More spacifically, exposure to the sunlight as the new gold standard.

    A "cold" solar war will be inevitable as people build their solar panals higher and higher and higher to overshadow other people's solar panals built before them. This will lead to a new space race as people compete for more sunlight exposure. Eventually the earth will become encapsulated inside a giant solar sphere. Doom will fall upon Earth as all vegitation will die from the eternal global shadow created.

    Solar companies of the future will not be selling you solar cells, instead they will be selling you the sun itself. The entire human race will be fed with food grown by grow lights.

    No doubt this will lead to who can build solar panals closest to the sun itself. Leading to a new sphere surrounding the sun.

    An epic perpetual space battle with ensue for thousands of years.

    Whoever controls the dyson sphere controls the solar system.
    (and the spice harvesters powered by it)

    Of course that leads to outer space exploration to find other stars to control.

    It all started with the fall of the U.S. dollar. Our fate has been sealed.
  8. Buzzed , Well, looks like who live at the sun wins if that's true.

    It has all the nuclear power human specie ever needs.
  9. The pessimism on here is conveyed by people from the fact that people are starting to realize that the gear driving the Markets is much much bigger than the gear driving the real economy... this is a fact you cannot escape from, not in any asset class, any business, etc.

    While the squeaky wheel gets the grease, at some point the wheel comes off without a nut to hold it on. The government has been manufacturing nuts for a while.

    Its the sound of inevitability.

    Quote: Maxpi

    "Pessimism is greatest at the bottom of the business cycle..."
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