Complete Depth of Market?

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  1. Does anyone know where or who offers a look at the entire DOM on the ES? I'm on Trade Station where they only show the DOM (Matrix) 10 ticks deep on either side of the price, which seems to be the standard data set. It sure would be nice to see all the orders on every price.

    Thanks for the help
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    Doesn't TT? They're a sponsor.
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  3. Thx True. I'll check that out.
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    L3 futures MD shows the orders at each level. So instead of seeing a bid for 26, you can see the breakdown of 5 orders that make up that size of 26. How does this knowledge help your decision making ? How does it help you make money? Seem like just noise to me.

    If you can find value, then it would be worth it.
  5. Like they say, if I told you...
  6. Pita


    there is never value about the current point.
    but there is something about transparency which is not.
    volume and parked orders are a hunch for speculators, no?

    so why ask a question for a question.

    size yes what else can move a thing..
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    For the ES I believe it is the CME that decides that , not TS. 10 ticks either side is standard now I believe.
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    R | Trader Pro shows the full market depth and your position in queue.
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