Complete data set of members in the Russell 2000

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    Anyone know where to find a source of the current, up-to-date members of the Russell 2000?

    Finding a complete list is becoming a challenge. FTSE Russell doesn't publish the list on their website. and many of the available lists conflict with each other. Wikipedia has active lists for the Nasdaq and S&P, but not for the Russell.

    I've learned the Russell realigns their indices every June, but can't even find a list of the most recent member changes.
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    See attached, as of end of Q2.

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  3. Robert - I'm not the OP but wanted to say thanks!
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    Thanks for the reply! I am still hoping to find an active source updated regularly.
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    Thank for the reply! I was already using this list. Problem is the list supplied by FTSE Russell can get outdated fast. Even actively maintaining the list after a rebalance, eventually you get out of sync.

    When looking at how many online market sources are incomplete, looks like even they have problems keeping up-to-date.