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Discussion in 'Forex' started by northgong, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. northgong


    as a complete novice I have followed the AUD over the last 12 months and believe strongly that in the next few weeks it will peak against the USD. What is the easiest way for an individual to buy USD in anticipation of a correction in the AUD.
    This probably seems a very basic question but I am only interested in making two trades and thats it. Any help appreciated.
  2. elomich


    Open an account with a Forex broker. Then do whatever trades you'd like.

    I'd recommend looking into Oanda or GFT.
  3. The only way you'll make "two trades and thats it" is if you lose. I guarantee, if you are successful in these trades you will place more. As sure as I am the sun will rise tomorrow :)

  4. Im curious as to why you think the aud will drop it just squeezed out new highs today im long several contracts myself.. If your looking at that double top or a run up coming to an end i wait a little longer before you place some shorts because if it doesnt continue higher it will be rangebound for a little while more..

    GD luck and keep us posted on how it goes