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    Are there any other moderators besides electricsavent going through and editing their post days and weeks after the original posting?

    As lowly members only get what, an hour or so in which to edit their post, we are stuck with living with our own random misspellings, angry responses, or just our own imperfect explanations.

    The problem here is that as new or inexperienced members show up and read certain threads, they unsuspectingly believe the thread was created by a person who actually understood what they are talking about.

    I think this type of misrepresentation by the sites prolific posters (where one also just happen to be a moderator) is unethical at best, and outright fraudulent at worst.
    And a poor reflection on ET as a whole.
  2. mxjones


    If you included ES's edits with his posts his post count would probably be over 20,000.
  3. At least, and very likely much more.

    But don't misunderstand me, I think everyone needs a certain amount of time for editing.

    My objection is that some ( ES ) are abusing the privilege for their own purpose.
    Using the responses of the membership of ET as some sort of a free professional editor to rewrite sections of a dream book, is pretty slimy.

    ET should not allow their new and unsuspecting members to be used as marks for the moderators.
  4. Is there any benefit to limiting regular users to 30 min edit times? I know in almost every other forum I've used over the years its always been unlimited and is actually quite useful when wanting to expand or correct ideas. Maybe something to consider. (Editing beyond 30 min without admin help)

    Personally I have nothing against mod's changing their posts.
  5. Here's a comment from another mod.

    This is a reply one would expect and respect from a Moderator.

    Its this reply that seems a little sleazy.

    Why the special privileges if not trying to deceive readers?
  6. I deleted the thread in question and all related threads.

    I apologize if I offended.

    Good Night.

    Michael B.
  7. Since this is a trading forum posts must be limited to 30 minutes for editing to correct spelling, grammar or to delete. Otherwise bad trades can be turned into killer trades, with the ET time stamp all trades can be verified for accuracy. VERY IMPORTANT.

    mod's shouldn't be able to change posts either, one mod on another forum passed himself off as a "forex guru" and blew out a customers $10,000 account in one week.
  8. Its not a matter of anyone being offended, its a matter of honesty and deception.
  9. The nature of ET is that others see your post very soon after you post it and often will comment upon what you have written.

    I've been at other forums where there is no editing limit and it was very difficult to follow the conversation because often there were comments to something that had been removed or changed.

    I think the easier solution is for ET to show a message at the bottom of any post to show EDITING times.

    That will tell us that the message has been edited and by whom (author, moderator or Baron himself).

    Even better, maybe keep the original unedited version as a side comment that's stored on ET servers for like 30 days.

  10. maybe a button in the top corner of each post allowing all version of the post to be viewed in a new window. if knowing the original statement is very important in some cases.
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