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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by WinstonTJ, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Are the moderators alive? I've sent several requests and have heard nothing back. I even sent my last request asking that someone confirm they received my message - no answer...

    Is this the wild wild west?

    I truly and sincerely appreciate that no threads have been deleted - I think it contributes to the forum, however, you guys need to get on your game. you have people posting lies on your forum and you have forum sponsors (that pay you a lot of money) who see this - again I'm all for hands off but when people complain do you even acknowledge?

    I appreciate the hands off approach and encourage it but if you do not acknowledge your members then you will loose them and then your advertising base and then your site. You guys need to at least step it up to the professional level that you extend to your sponsors and vendors.
  2. Joe


  3. You cant expect the moderators, or anyone for that matter, to give you real-time service. You dont pay any fees to this board so why should you expect real time service. Just send a message and wait patiently for a reply. It may take a day or two, but surely someone will respond.

    Second, you cant expect any moderator to delete or change a post simply because you dont like the subject or the person writing the post. If you dont like a certain person, then there is a powerful ignore function that will make their threads disappear. Ignoring and not responding to someone else's posts will send a signal to that person that their posts are wasting time for them.

    So two things to sum up. Dont expect to instant responses from people you do not pay a subscription fee to and if you dont like someone then simply hit the ignore key. Thats the best way.

  4. I used to be an active moderator on these forums for several hours a day. I have since resigned.

    I took a good look at the inane topics and silly behavior since I vanished and had a good chuckle this morning.

  5. Why did u leave Ivan,? we liked you:(

    Come on back Buddy:)
  6. Site management choosing to publicly "discipline" it's moderators (rather than just send a PM on something), which in turn leads to empowering trolls and demoralizing those who "work" as mods.

    Considering all the work I did here for free, it's simply not worth my time to "work" for folks like that. I wasn't the only one (mod) who felt that way, but the only one who did something about it.

    I'm sure this message will be deleted as soon as it's seen, but if you wish to contact me, you can PM me. I'll get an email on it.

  7. Thanks for the help and advice you gave me in my forex thread back in October 2009.

    best of luck :)
  8. Its significant when the best moderator in existence, leaves the only site called ELITE.

    Best? you're damn straight. Kindest too. Should have been drawing a handsome salary, especially for singlehandedly keeping the Forex section from having a terminal stroke.

    Here are my findings, all done exhaustively and documented in Baron's thread ....

    excerpts ....

    (page 5 of 6)

    So in conclusion, there is only ONE "experienced, returning trader, profitable, forthright, forthcoming, that a newbie could/should learn from ....


    And he is a volunteer.

    The rest of the ET gang will bleed you to death and you're better off just giving your bankroll to baron and the sponsors up front and go back to your day job sans trading.

    (page 4 of 6)

    I'd like to use Ivan's forex thread as THE example for this endeavor. I'm not done with the thread yet but its style exudes the kind of honesty I admire so its a great start.

  9. If you liked him so much, then why were you always at waist height around Baron?
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