Complaint against Ivanovich - Abuse of Moderator Status

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by PeterEastgate, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. I recently joined this forum and work out of a trading room at a well known firm. I utilize a proxy server as the firewall at my firm will not let me access this site. I suspect this is the situation at most firms. Most firms have strict policies on accessing certain sites.

    I logged on today to find comments by Ivanovich that since I operate behind a proxy server then all of my messages deserve to be deleted and moved.

    Is this the policy at EliteTrader or is Ivanovich the Moderator simply acting on his own accord? I would like to continue to participate in this forum, but I have to use a proxy because my firm's firewall will not let me log out. Since I spend so much time in the trading room, I don't have time to participate at my home.

    Please look into this issue as I see a lot of potential on this site, but the moderation is simply such where it is putting a stranglehold on legitimate posters.
  2. Two of your three posts were deleted because they were derogatory and instigating in the trading forum. Your third post was left alone.

    Please show me where I said all of your posts deserve to be deleted because you post from a proxy.

    Lastly, you are clearly a sham under a new name as your knowledge of the forum and the people in it is clearly beyond that of someone who just joined yesterday. So can we stop with the stupidity?

    In fact, my guess is that you are Port under a new name.

    PS. Your claim that you cannot access the site through work, so you use a proxy is rather silly, as your work would see that you went to elitetrader if you were using their connection regardless of whether or not you used a proxy once you got onto the net. You still have to type in "elitetrader" into the browser. A proxy is used to hide the IP from the site accessed, not the ISP where the user originates at. Additionally, you have posted under multiple IPs even in your 6 such posts.
  3. Sir,

    Your assumptions represent paranoia and delusion probably from too much time spent online. You are also lieing about the content of my posts. I dont think "Joe" would appreciate you lieing to him about these issues and I beg you to represent the facts versus your delusional and paranoid opinion.

    I have lurked and read this forum for many years, but have never participated until today. I finally took the trouble to create an alias and post my opinion in the Rowshan thread. I have met Rowshan and participated in his previous website. I made money off of his calls and am very thankful. Im a great fan of his.

    My postings in the Rowshan thread were not in any way "derogatory" or "instigating". In fact, there was no profanity or extreme statements made in the posts. I simply came to Rowshan's defense after seeing persons, such as yourself, personally attack him. You have no knowledge of his abilities or accuracy. Your experience with the markets seems confined to forex and a few retail trading forums. I dont believe you have ever worked at a firm, been part of a fund or anything of that nature. You wouldnt have knowledge of his abilities and your statements seemed unfair.

    I ask you kindly to re-read my statements and then re-read your statements. You will find that your statements contain false paranoid delusional assumptions based on what you believe to be reality. My statements are simply civilized words in defense of a highly successful trader who has made his mark.

    I highly suggest for "Joe" to talk with "Ivanovich". I dont believe he is "all there".

  4. Sure, thing, Port. I'm sure Joe will get right on that.

    My last post in that thread prior to you making a comment directed to me was 10 days ago, yet you waited 10 days to finally post something towards my comments?

    Sure you did. Additionally, you created this alias the day after I mentioned that we'd be looking to remove the Port username because stock_trad3r admitted to being the same user.
  5. Sir,

    I have no idea what you are talking about. At first, you were accusing me of being Rowshan and then now I am "Port". Who will I be next?

    Is the way the moderators conduct themselves on Elitetrader? I have never seen Joe or Baron act in this manner. Is there something different with you or...?

  6. I never said you were Rowshan. I asked "hmm, I wonder who this could be". I'm now sure.
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