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  1. I have been reading through Spyder's journals and have been recieving negative criticism from him via IM and PM. I just had some basic questions to personally ask him about the Hershey "Confusing" Methods and he went off on me like I don't know anything about trading.. Definatly keep an eye out for this guy. Jack Hershey as well.
  2. If by, receiving negative criticism you mean to say, "Spydertrader has blocked my thirty seven screen names I used to repeatedly attempt to contact him." then I stand guilty as charged. Let's take a look at some examples of my negative criticism shall we?

    Seriously dude, I have a phonebook sized list of usernames blocked, and all of the names belong to you.

    The whole thing goes on and on for over a month straight. How can I make it any more clear to you? Stop attempting to contact me. Now, if you want to keep trying, fine, but stop crying that I continue to block your 200 usernames.

    Again, if by, he went off on me you mean to say, "Spydertrader continues to block 200 of my usernames." then yes, I again, stand guilty as charged.

    Believe me when I say you require no assistance with respect to 'making yourself look foolish on the internet.' You do a fine job all on your own.

    The process remains quite simple and insures you'll never hear from me again:

    1. Stop sending me PM's IM's and Emails.

    2. Add me to your Ignore List
  3. Um, I'm not sure what you're talking about my friend but if you want to claim this please go ahead. I just want people to know that you are not so friendly when approached by a newbie that just wants to know some simple information.

  4. See attached Screen Capture containing a small portion of the usernames I currently have blocked. Each belongs to you and your previous incarnation - Tradingbillions. Each of the usernames I have blocked also has a log attached to it containing your childish comments posted before I could click on the block button.

    I can post every comment if you prefer?

    <img src=>

    In addition, every web site (including this one) has the ability to track an IP Address. When you log onto the web site, anyone with authorization can determine if the person logging in is a repeat visitor. In a matter of seconds, a site administrator can determine if you have ever used any of the usernames I have attributed to you.

    <img src=>

    Now, which sounds more logical? I entered a bunch of fake usernames into an Instant Messenger program in an effort to discredit you, or Someone, already known for posting under Multiple Aliases, decided to try to circumvent my blocks by creating numerous (and extremely similar) usernames in an effort to send me a continuous stream of crap?

    In the digital world, if one isn't careful, one can leave behind footprints.

    Understand, I am not your friend. I have no desire to be your friend. I have no interest in 'sorting out' whatever issues you have with me, Jack Hershey or anything else (real or imagined) your brain decides to conjure up.

    Again, Add me to your ignore list.

    - Spydertrader
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  6. This is typical of Spydertrader and his pathetic Nazi like attempts to cleanse Jack's final solution

    They cant stand criticism because they know the method is failing

    But they have put so much effort into it they cant admit it so they use the same tactics a dictatorship would

    They even have the odd mod sanitizing their thread, but all the suppression and intimidation in the world wont change the fact it simply doesn't work

    Just ask one of them to post in the P/L thread or call a live trade, that always provokes the most virulent responses

    Methinks they doth protest too much
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    It's always so important to hear what macdmaster (aka trader28, trad28, trader28lite, T280, T2800, swingnfade, nmeds, gunder12, Allaces, fubar, tradingod, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) has to say about anything related to people who actually contribute to ET like Spydertrader. NOT. May the useless Chit Chat continue...
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  9. I really hope the world of ET learns more about your true self, Spydertrader, also known as Todd. I hope they see how you treat other newbies that just want some helping hands.. By the way, are you still smoking cigarettes? I don't know that many secure people that smoke ciggs, maybe I have you as the wrong person though.

  10. Funny how this thread was moved to "chit chat" forum.. Why doesn't it stay with the other feedback of other members is beside me..
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