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  1. I saw the other day a post that in my opinion was a direct advertising of some R-MESA system and a argument was made in favor of TA because of the performance of that system, here:

    I replied that the performance is hypothetical and the system has been modified several times, not according to me, but according to its creator:

    "Over the following 10 years, various iterations were performed on RMESA."

    However, my message was sensored and not posted. I would like to know why that happened.
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    I had a post that came up that I can recall, that went along the lines of "The systems I have created", or "The Courses that I've taught" which flagged as spam/promotional. Thus is was deleted. If these were not your posts, I welcome you to post your response here below, and I will review it and let you know why it never showed up, and we can post it at the thread after.

    Thank you.
  3. That was not my post and you are supposed to have a good idea which posts you delete. MY post in the other thread was similar to the OP here. I have tried again to post in that thread a link to this thread which AGAIN it did not show up. Thus, it seems you are protecting Xspurt, the member who advertized the R-MESA system for free in this forum.

    I think that Baron should take over this matter and check with his admin rights what went on.
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    We are not protecting xpurt; your posts are being deleted based on their content which is coming up as possible spam/ promotion. You should have full access now, feel free to post to the desired thread.
  5. I don't know how this forum is setup when it comes to deleting stuff or how much Joe/Baron can apply mods but the best way to "delete" anything is not to delete it but change it's "token" from a default value of 1 to 0.

    The database table would have a column named "token" or whatever and the default value is 1 and the post shows up, change the value to 0 and it doesn't show up. Change it back to 1 and it show up again. The database query would need a small change also.

    The benefit of this is that nothing gets permanently deleted.
  6. This is insane. I posted to stop spam/promotions and you claim that you deleted my post because it was spam/promotion. I wonder how many posts you regularly delete doing the same mistake. This is what I posted again in that thread:

    The developers of that system in his website admits to have made changes to the system several times during the years resulting in positive hypothetical performance. This is not proof that TA works but proof that TA is regularly used to deceive people.

    "Over the following 10 years, various iterations were performed on RMESA. RMESA3 decreased the downside breakout trades since it was determined that short trades were being subject to substantially more slippage than were the long breakout trades. RMESA5 eliminated the MESA component completely, favoring a direct implementation of a neural approximation filter. Several other iterations were developed..."
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    Your posts are now showing up live to the site, and you have full access to post. Please feel free to do so, your posts shouldn't be deleted her on our unless they violate our terms of service.